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Ease the body using Ayurvedic Massage Course in India by Rishikul Ayurshala. Ayurvedic massage is the basis of the healing process in the Indian Vedas. It has been part of the country’s rich heritage and culture since ages.
Ayurveda courses in India are crafted extensively to bestow well-rounded benefits of health, healing, and longevity. With massage courses through a trained therapist, you learn the nuances of Ayurvedic massage and evolve yourself into a good masseur.
The course is well-suited for Ayurveda lovers, who want a definitive way to gain hands-on experience about Abhyanga, Panchakarma therapy, Shirodhara, and other Ayurveda treatments. Being a prominent name in both the Ayurveda and Yoga industry, Rishikul offers an array of Ayurveda courses in India, in its land of birth - Kerala.
The Ayurvedic massage course will teach you how to heal the patients with your hands using the age old holistic healing system of Ayurveda.
Whether you’re a yoga teacher, aspiring masseuse, or an Ayurveda enthusiast, the experts believe that this course proves to be beneficial in numerous ways enhancing your knowledge and expertise.
This Ayurvedic Massage Course in India opens the getaways to new wisdoms in life and enables the practitioner to root out diseases permanently aiding in recovery of the body as well as the mind. During the course, you learn about hand movements for healing, therapies used in different ailments, about herbs, powder and oils, and their usage.
There is more to the program, and during the course, you’ll learn:
• Gain in-depth knowledge of Human Body- Chakras, Marma Points, Nadis, and other vital energy points.
• Avail the basic understanding of herbs and oil, and learn how to mix and make medications for a specific ailment.
• Introduction and fundamental theory of Ayurvedic Science.
• Understand the ways to examine the ailments and diseases.
• Learn about principles of different Ayurvedic massages.
• Know about how to prepare medication powders.
• Ways to perform Abhyanga or Ayurvedic massage.
• Ways to perform Shirodhara or oil treatment for head.
• Ways to perform Podikizhi or Potli massage with herbal powders and oils.
Basic Requirements of the course:
The course requires some basic primary knowledge of Ayurveda and its aspects. The course gives majorly Ayurvedic massage training, and it is better to do the beginner’s course of Basic Awareness of Ayurveda and its Lifestyle.
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Benefits you gain:
• Ayurvedic massage certification
• Training from the finest and experienced practitioners
• Deeper understanding of Ayurveda
• Peaceful and calm mind
• Better relationship with self and people around
• Understanding of energy, aura, and spiritual development
• Learn to combat diseases by understanding it completely
• Knowledge of Body and its movement, chakras, marma points, etc.
The course is an ultimate way to gain deeper knowledge, experience, and certification of being trained in Ayurveda massage.
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