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Immerse yourself in India and learn to teach yoga with the best yoga teacher training in Rishikesh- the Yoga Capital of the World. India is the birth land of yoga, a place where landscapes are as amazingly diverse as its vibrant cultural traditions. The country with ancient roots to yoga is a sumptuous mix of spiritual beliefs, architecture and heritage, landscapes, festival, and varied religions.
India is colorful, and to truly experience its diverse culture, Yoga TTC in India serves as the perfect choice. Yoga here is the merger of traditional authentic philosophies with the hue of contemporary ideologies, making for a powerful practice.
Yoga teacher training in India is an experience every enthusiast wants to relish once in a lifetime. It’s a voyage for those who want to evolve into a professional yoga teacher, understand the ancient art profoundly, enhance the skills, and immerse deeply in the teachings.
Types of Yoga Teacher Training
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India
Designed for budding yogis who want to know the fundamentals of yoga, the 200 Hour program is a beginner level course. The 200 hours will perhaps be the most fulfilling and unique experience of your life. You learn the ancient traditions of authentic yoga from the experienced masters of the holistic art.
300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India
The program is crafted for the yogis who have successfully completed their 200 Hour Yoga Training. It is for those who want to dig deeper and unfold the mystics of yoga and upgrade their skills. During the course, one can also choose an area of specialization if they want.
500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
The training program takes you through the practice starting from basic to advance level, gaining in-depth knowledge without a break. The training inspires you to step into the world of yoga, understand the ancient craft, and move towards transformation.
What do you Learn?
Yoga TTC in India is carefully designed to inspire not just the participants, but also the trainers, to build such profound health and happiness within. The purpose of a yoga training is not only about turning you into a professional, but also imbibes a yogic way of living into your lifestyle. You learn about asanas and how to practice them rightly gaining the knowledge of adjustment and alignment. You learn how to relax and calm the body, mind, and soul with the practice of pranayama and Meditation. Cleansing and purification of the body is essential and can be done through Shat Kriya practice.
Yoga Training helps us to live a life of wellness, satisfaction, and fulfillment. Doing it in Rishikesh India provides an opportunity to learn yoga in its traditional, authentic, and truest form from the traditional gurus.
About Rishikul Yogshala
Founded in the year 2010 by passionate yogis and travelers, Rishikul Yogshala aims to increase the awareness of joy and simple living through yogic practices. The school is a renowned name and has served thousands of yogis in these many years to spread the yogic treasures across the globe. They started in Rishikesh, and now have branches in several other cities in the country, and also in Nepal, Vietnam, and more.

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